Community Outreach

Ensuring the community feels cared for, supported, and empowered

Building Community Starts Here

Because we live and spend so much time in the community, we are always aware of the needs of our neighbors.

Most services and programs in our community don’t get to know the individuals they are serving, and fewer put the time in to build those valuable relationships. From strong relationships comes strong change. We provide weekly men’s and women’s Bible studies, communal open gym time, one-on-one counseling sessions, and street ministry to help our neighbors in the midst of gang activity, violence, drug use, and more. Ultimately we work to make sure each person knows they are loved and embraced by the arms of a loving father.

Get Involved

Men's Bible Study

Welcoming men from all walks of life for a weekly dose of hope. Meets Sunday nights @ 7pm @ 1543 W Howard St, Chicago, IL 60626.

Women’s Bible Study

Welcoming women from all walks of life for a weekly dose of hope. Meets Tuesday nights @ 5:30pm via Zoom.

Fresh Start Fund

Supporting dozens of individuals and families trying to make a new start in their life. This includes helping with security deposits and first month’s rent for new moves, start-up capital for deserving new business starts, and tuition and book assistance for those starting school.

Business Development

Currently in development, this program will start working with aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create their own work for themselves by starting a business in the community. We hope to act as an incubator by connecting our contractors, volunteers, and donors with individuals needing capital, resources, and mentorship as they begin the entrepreneurial journey.

Food Pantry

We offer a Food Pantry on the first Wednesday of each month, that serves 200+ people with groceries and household essentials. This pantry is open to all, and is completely free due to our generous foundation and individual donors.

Violence Prevention

Through building relationships with thousands of people in the community, we are often the first point of contact for folks caught up in gang violence and retaliation. Often we are the first ones consoling the family members of those who have been shot, even helping arrange funerals, transportation, and medical assistance. Further, we make sure to work with those most at risk of retaliating, holding conversations and meetings within the community, aiming to help cooler heads prevail.

Help Someone Thrive Today

You can get started right now by helping a child or young adult forge a path to hope and renewal.

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