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“What drew me to C24/7 was how their programs are all Christian based. At C24/7, I know that my son always feels welcome, and as a result, the kids and the organization have really become part of our family. Through their programs, he’s been able to make new friends and learn about Christian teachings.”

“C24/7 has also supported my family during COVID. When the pandemic hit, I didn’t know what I was going to do. But C24/7 were like angels in disguise. I came to the food pantry, and I told them my struggles. They provided financial support, helped me pay for my rent, and even provided a short term job for me. They supported me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in every aspect.”

“They set me on a path of wanting to give and share and follow Christ. I am so grateful for everyone who contributes to C24/7; donations go a long way. I can’t find the words to say how much this all means to me. The C24/7 family are some of the best people I have come across, and they have truly been a blessing in my life.”


“I first got involved with C24/7 when I saw Brother J doing Bible Study in the park around seven years ago. I used to always just hear a crowd over there. One day, I got curious and walked over and introduced myself to Brother J. From there on out, I knew I was part of a strong community.”

“This area never had a community like that until C24/7 started up. It was a space where I got to really know God. Bible study made me personally want to have a relationship with other people, something I never really had. The food pantry really impacted me a lot as well. During COVID, I was one of the families who didn’t have enough food, so I don’t know where I would be without C24/7 and their help.”

“Brother J is like a big mentor and a big brother to me. I’m really grateful to C24/7 and all that they do!”


“My involvement with C24/7 started with the food pantry. There, I met Natalie and Brother J and I learned about the programs that they have for kids. Since my daughter’s been going to their programs, she’s been able to receive help with her school work, try new activities, and work towards her accomplishments. As a single mom, knowing that there’s a safe and loving place for my daughter to be able to go to has helped me so much, and I really appreciate everything C24/7 does for me and my family.”


“I was raised in foster care and was incarcerated for the first time when I was 11. As a ward to the state, my childhood was emotionally traumatizing, but because of it, I learned how to survive and my passion for helping others. I really want to help younger people have a more positive rather than negative outlook on life.”

“I’m from this community, and I always knew Brother J growing up. I started coming to Bible study in 2014, but I stopped going for a long time. It wasn’t until last December, when I started going again, that I found my motivation: a sense of love to help others.”

“I’m a barber, and my goal is to have my own product line, travel and do hair shows, but the joy I get out of it comes from cutting hair to make people feel better which is why I cut hair at the Great Giveaway. C24/7’s community keeps me positive and, and I know with their support, I can reach my goals.”

“There’s a lot of people who had a similar upbringing and think that they can’t do certain things. But everything is temporary, struggle and pain is temporary. God is always there to help by bringing great people into your life, like Brother J.”


“I found C24/7 through the neighborhood! My son’s father has known Brother J, so when I heard that other families were getting involved, I knew to trust in C24/7. My son, Ryan, has been coming since last year, and it’s really positively impacted him. Through the summer program, he’s able to learn good values and morals as well as interacting with other children.”

“I myself have also attended Bible Study for the last ten years, and it’s really impacted me. I’m grateful to have C24/7 as a group of individuals who really care about the community and the children.”

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“I was born and raised in this area, but I bounced around in the early parts of my life. I lived on the West Side, in an area that used to be a project, but we had to move out when I was seven because the condo we were living in got sold. After living in Rogers Park for a bit, we moved to a south shore neighborhood. I was thirteen when I saw a murder in the street right by our house which scared my parents enough to move us back to Rogers Park.”

“When it comes to the streets, some people just don’t have the luxury to not be involved. There are so many things that were out of my control, like when I had to stop playing football and leave college because I couldn’t pay for school. This whole area is stricken by poverty and it influences everything. It makes people feel hopeless, where people don’t see that there’s a life beyond themselves but for others, where they can’t see what God has in store for them.”

“I met Brother J when I was seventeen years old, and introduced me to this community and introduced me to new perspectives. I got to find out what other people knew about God, allowing me to go to a deeper level with them, spiritually. I’ve been in church my entire life, but through C24/7, I learned to lean on God to guide me with my decisions. I’m grateful to Brother J and C24/7 for filling a void within our community and strengthening my relationship with God.”


“I heard about C24/7 through word of mouth, and they really do so much for the neighborhood. Times recently have been really tough, but C24/7 has been able to really help me and my family. The biggest impact has been on my kids. They love the program, and I have noticed a big difference since they became involved with the afterschool and summer programs. They’ve really opened up to me, communicate better, and are able to form relationships with other kids in the area. C24/7 has really impacted this community and its future generations.”


“I was born in the South Side of Chicago and I moved to the Rogers Park area shortly after my mother was murdered when I was 7 years old. Before finding C24/7, I never really felt like I was seeking what was best for myself, but just doing what I needed to do to survive. The streets are an addiction, and with no other means to get by, taking to crime seemed like the only option to not only meet my needs but to fill a void within myself.”

“I was referred to C24/7 by my brother, Nelson, who’s C24/7’s Job Program Facilitar. I’ve been an active member of the job development program and C24/7 has really improved his communication and brainstorming skills. Through the program, my perspective on life has changed dramatically. Now, I have a better understanding of how my actions have consequences. From here on out, I want every action I take to have a positive impact on my community.”

“To youth that may be in a similar situation to me before C24/7, I just want you all to know that it isn’t how you start, it’s how you finish. The way to better yourself isn’t easy. Be you, and don’t do things for others’ pain. There’s more to life than the streets.”


“I heard about C24/7 through word of mouth, and it’s had such a strong impact on me personally as well as on my family. Through the job development program, I’ve had an outlet to get a better education and support in a career change to a field that I’m passionate about. They also make me feel special and recognized as a mother and member of my community.”

“Bible Study has been amazing for my husband and our marriage. Our relationship with C24/7 has changed the makeup of our family. Through putting God first, we are able to communicate better and live our life through worship.”

“For my kids, C24/7 has brought them so much closer to God, filling in gaps that I haven’t been able to. Not only do their programs teach them how to interpret God and the Word, but they also give them a safe place to go and expose them to different perspectives. My five-year old loves to pray before dinner, just like how they pray before every meal during the after school and summer programs.”

“C24/7 has brought me and my family so much joy, and I am so grateful to Natalie & James for all of their support.”


“Having been raised in the streets and been in and out of prison, I had to learn many lessons the hard way, through fear and struggle. But after finding Christ and C24/7, I’ve been able to impact the youth of the North of Howard community for the better.”

“My work with the job development program is really working on life development for this community. C24/7’s career program is as much about professional life as it is about taking care of and finishing off what God left for us. And through teaching others, I teach myself and learn new lessons too, all by walking and building others on their journey to a better future.”

“C24/7 has really allowed me to put my hands up to God, finally feel comfort in my life, and use my passion for mentoring others with purpose. I look forward to continuing to be ‘C24/7’s big brother.’”

Help Someone Thrive Today

You can get started right now by helping a child or young adult forge a path to hope and renewal.

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