Job Development

C24/7’s Dreams, Visions, Work program provides spiritual support and job training in order to connect men and women to a job that taps into their unique skills and God-given purpose.

We do this through our 2 week training course that studies the “Work Life” curriculum. “Work Life” is made up of 19 units that covers a variety of topics including; God’s purposes of work, resume writing, interview training, professional conduct for the work place and the importance of education.

The most vital step in this process is the connections we make with employers. After our participants complete the course, we will connect them with our partnering employers for a full time, living-wage job. We desire for each man and woman who is dedicated to this process to find a job that truly aligns with their unique goals. In this, it is important that the relationship between employer and employee is built on a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect. C24/7 will provide the opportunities and space for those relationships to flourish.

Our Process


Psychological Empowerment


Soft Skills Training


Mentorship and Work Experience


Job Placement

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